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Engadinsky: Skydiving over the Engadine

Engadinsky will present for the 2nd time (during the period from 8th until the 23rd March 2014), the unique opportunity to skydive over St. Moritz - both for certified skydivers, and in a tandem parachute jump for courageous unqualified thrill-seekers. During this event, one can experience the breathtaking beauty of the Engadine Alps in another dimension, with a free fall from 5,000 metres above sea level.

Engadinsky: A unique Parachuting event in the Engadine for tandem skydivers.

From the 8th until 23rd March 2014, skydiving will be permitted from the Engadine Airport at Samedan, with landings on the frozen St. Moritz lake. For those interested, this is a unique opportunity to experience skydiving in the Engadine. Together with a tandem instructor, anyone in good health can experience the free fall from a plane. The experience begins with a unique alpine flight with views over the Engadine Alps and the Bernina Massiv. After about 15 minutes the flight will attain its destination altitude of 3,500 metres above the ground surface and the doors will be opened. A two thousand metre free fall through the steel blue Engadine sky awaits the courageous participants. On request, the tandem passengers and their instructors can be accompanied by a cameraman who will record the adventure for posterity. After 40 seconds free fall, the instructor will open the parachute, controlling it in the direction of St. Moritz, to complete the experience with a smooth landing on the St. Moritz lake.


For those preferring something a little more subdued, it is possible to join the flight as a passenger and witness the skydivers leave the aircraft high over the Engadine, before enjoying the return flight to the airport base.


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published: 13.12.2013
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