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Freesport as you have never seen before

Ice hockey games on "black frozen" lakes, fishing from a "stand-up paddle board", cliff jumping, or nocturnal skateboarding or snowboarding in the most unlikely places. The local photographer Filip Zuan has for years photographed Freesport in the Engadine from a very special perspective. Now a book may result from it - if the necessary budget to publish can be found.

This too is "Freesport": Engadine teenagers enjoy the last snow in their own special way in May.

"The never ending search for adrenalin, the feeling of freedom, and switching off after a hectic day at work, are the core and driving forces behind Freesports. And thanks to innumerable possibilities, new sports and their combination, Freesports today are as exciting as ever."


Filip Zuan knows what he is talking about, as he is an avid "freesportsman". This enthusiasm has driven him in recent years to record his world. The result is photographs like none ever seen before which also put the Engadine in the limelight in a very special way. The pictures provide a glimpse "behind the scenes", and show the lifestyle of young locals and how they interpret "Freesport". It's always about the perfect moment, fun and respect for the fantastic Engadine nature - away from commercialism and the mainstream, honest and imaginative.


The book can only be published with the assistance of the public. Those interested can support the project by contacting the crowd funding platform "", and will receive an appropriate sponsor's credit in the book:

published: 05.03.2013
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