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"La Tavolata" – St. Moritz invites you to the Banquet Table

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th July, 2013, the "Tavolata" will be held in the heart of St. Moritz. On a 400 metre long table through the pedestrian zone, the star chefs of St. Moritz's hotels will prepare meals and drinks for the enjoyment of locals and guests. On the eve of the Tavolata, the "Tavolata Jam" will feature regional, national and international acts on 5 stages in unusual venues to create a Festive atmosphere for guests. The event is organized by the St. Moritz Village Association.

The approximately 400 metre long "Tavolata" consists of a row of decorated tables created specifically for the event by local craftsmen.

Within a very short time, "La Tavolata" has blossomed to become a popular and special event of the Summer.  For two days, the Village Association of St. Moritz provides a opportunity in the middle of the pedestrian zone for spontaneous and unexpected encounters between the locals and guests of St. Moritz.


The "Tavolata" starts on Sunday morning at 10.00am with a special Jazz concert with guest "Popa Chubby" on the Hauser stage. From 11.00am, the feast on the 400 metre long table begins.  The Kitchen Chefs of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, Kulm Hotel, Hotel Schweizerhof and the Hotel Salastrains ask that you come to the table so you may be spoilt by a selection of the finest foods. The confectioners of the Confectioneries Hauser and Hanselmann will provide the sweet delicacies. Guests at the banquet will be entertained by concerts in the Plaza Mauritius and on the stage at the Cafe Hauser. Sunday's music program will, like the concerts of the bands on the eve before, be supplemented by Folk Music formations and Folk Dancing Groups.


"Tavolata Jam" – Top Acts in extraordinary locations

To get the guests attending Sunday's banquet table in the right mood, concerts will be held again this year on five different stages .... stages in an unconventional sense !  In addition to the main stage in the town square, there will be concerts on the roof of the Crystal Hotel, at the flower shop "Bel Verde Floristik", in the Protestant church in the centre of town, and in the hotel kitchen of the Badrutt's Palace Hotel, as well as its renowned "King's Club".

Saturday's musical program will start at 11.00am in the "Hüttn Schweizerhof".  "Carol and the Fall" (Jazz/Lounge) will open the "Tavolata Jam" on the roof of the Crystal Hotel. At 5.00pm "Beppe Martinelli" will rock the "Bel Verde Floristik" with acoustic rock and vocals. The main stage in the Plazza Mauritius will be opened at 4.30pm by "Justin James" (Folk Rock/Pop) , followed by the "Mama Bluegrasband" (Bluegrass). The headliner "Smoove and Turrell" (Funk/Northern Soul/Hip Hop/Jazz) will perform at 8.30pm. In the Protestant church "Knitter" (Rock) will play at 10.00pm. Exclusive and exceptional is the jazz session of the "Pius Baumgartner Trio", who will perform at 10.00pm in the otherwise 'inaccessible to the public' kitchen of the Badrutt's Palace Hotel. At 11.00pm, the party will start in the King's Club with a concert by the band "Sheee". Those have had  enough of Live music, can then dance until the early morning hours to the sound of 80's Disco at the after party in the "King’s Club".

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published: 18.07.2013
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