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New Website and a new look for the Ski World Championship St. Moritz 2017

The new website of the Ski World Championships St. Moritz 2017 has been re-designed to improve the information made available to its visitors. In the future it will also provide information concerning the annual St. Moritz Ski World Cup Races, and for the voluntary helpers (Voluntari) at these events.

The main objectives of the Organizing Committee are to recognize the importance of social media on the website and to present the best possible appearance on mobile devices.

The organizers of the Ski World Championships St. Moritz 2017 have reorganized their website,,  to meet the information needs of the general public, Ski Fans, and the media. It will not only report on the preparations for the World Championships, but will also act as a platform for information on the annual World Cup races, and serve the Voluntaris.


The website has been designed so that it can be continually expanded as the 2017 Championships approach. The page will provide the latest news, and more applications will be incorporated as the Championships approach. To encourage a significant involvement by visitors to the site, the integration of various social media channels is planned in the coming months. In addition, stories of St. Moritz's famous skiing tradition will enrich the site.


The implementation of the new website is being undertaken by the St. Moritz communications agency, SPOT Werbung, which has developed the web screen designs in accordance with the concept and design specifications. The agency was also responsible for the internet presence during the 2003 World Championships. According to Werner Pircher, Manager of SPOT Werbung, "The Internet and digital communications have changed since then, with the trend now towards social networks like Facebook and mobile internet". This has led to the strong presence of social media on the website and optimizing the appearance for mobile devices being the main objectives of the Organizing Committee.


Golden Crystals and Distinctive Images
Together with the creative agency Scholz & Friends, the Organizing Committee of the Ski World Championships St. Moritz 2017 has developed a presentation which compliments both the brand positioning of the Tourism Destination Engadine St. Moritz and the imposing presence of the Ski World Championship.


The primary positioning of St. Moritz as a tourist destination in the brand strategy is as "The most sparkling mountain resort in the world". A key visual representation of the primary attribute "sparkling" is a "Crystal". The "Crystal" represents St. Moritz as a symbol of the golden shimmering Alps through which the magical light of the Engadine shines. This also applies to the Gold Medals to be presented for first place at the Alpine World Championships which is in the shape of a golden snow crystal.


For the images on advertising material, in addition to the "Crystal" visual key, six distinctive illustrations have been created representing the four alpine Ski Disciplines - Slalom, Downhill, Giant Slalom, and Super G. The style of the illustrations is tied to the near 120 year history of poster art in St. Moritz and the Engadin, but transferred to the 21st Century. Based on the crystal, ski racers are shown as refracted abstracts, so they shimmer in the unique light of the Engadine and the Ski World Championships 2017.


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published: 19.12.2013
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