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The new St. Moritz Calendar is on the way to becoming a Cult Object

The St. Moritz Calendar for 2014 - "My Backyard" marks the start of a new calendar series. Starting with the current issue, aspiring photographers will be invited each year to photograph and present their personal interpretations of St. Moritz and the Engadine. The first reactions show that the new St. Moritz Calendar, which is not commercially available, is already on its way to cult status.

St. Moritz Calendar 2014: "My Backyard" by Filip Zuan

A new era begins in 2014 for the St. Moritz Calendar which is published by the Tourist Organization and the town of St. Moritz. Unchanged is the decision that the calendar should not be sold, but presented as a gift to selected friends of St. Moritz around the world. However the format is new - the compact size allows it to be displayed on any desktop; and more importantly, what is totally new is the concept: commencing with this issue, selected photographers will be invited each year to create a calendar using their personal artistic vision. No classic tourist photos, but personal interpretations of St. Moritz and the Engadine, reflecting contemporary events and the development of society.


The first edition to be presented under the new concept in 2014 will feature the photographs of local photographer Filip Zuan, who has for years recorded Freesport in the Engadine from a very special perspective. His photographs provide a glimpse behind the scenes and show the lives of the locals of the valley, and how they interpret "Freesport". They are about finding the perfect moment, fun, and respect for the Engadine nature - away from commercialism and the mainstream - honest and imaginative.

published: 05.11.2013
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