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New Poster Exhibition in the St. Moritz Design Gallery

A new poster exhibition will be on display in the St. Moritz Design Gallery until May 2014. The Exhibition "Hidden Treasures" displays designs of St Moritz Posters which were never used and ultimately ended up in the Archives.

"Hidden Treasures" displays poster designs which were never used and ultimately ended up in the Archives.

"Unfortunately: No!" – this was the negative reply given to these poster designs before they joined the collection in the St Moritz Archives. Commissioned on the order of the St. Moritz Tourist Association, these proposals for advertising posters were never used and finally ended up in the archives. The designs which until now were only known to a select few, show an amazing and creative diversity, and comprise the "Hidden Treasures" exhibition. For the first time, these gems will now be on show to the general public.


Poster Exhibition:
13th December 2013 to May 2014


The St. Moritz Design Gallery
The St. Moritz Design Gallery culturally enriches the Serletta parking station between the lake, train station and the Badrutt's Palace Hotel. Along the pedestrian passage from Badrutt's Palace Hotel to the lake, 35 large illuminated display showcases are installed, and in these, there are several exhibitions annually which display particularly valuable posters.


All past exhibitions of the St. Moritz Design Gallery are shown on the internet under Numerous high quality reproductions of the posters are available for purchase in the St. Moritz Poster Shop.

published: 16.12.2013
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