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New Posters available in the Poster Shop - Gratis!

The St. Moritz Tourist Office has dozens of historic posters in stock, posters which are sold throughout the world. In recent months, three new posters designed by the artist Christoph Niemann have been added to the selection, and these are available at no charge from the Poster Shop at

A section of the subject matter of the new summer poster which is available free of charge from the Poster Shop at

For some time now, the new poster for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships and a new Winter scene poster have been visible at various locations in the area.  In recent weeks a new Summer poster has been added to the collection. These three posters, created for Engadin-St.Moritz by the artist Christoph Niemann are now available from the on-line Poster shop at - free of charge!


The Tourist Office has around 40 nostalgic posters in stock which are sold throughout the world. Restaurants and boutiques in Paris, New Zealand, Dubai and the USA decorate their walls with these large scale St. Moritz Posters from the early 20th Century. The current "best sellers" are from the period prior to the Second World War.


In addition to these posters, also available in the Poster Shop are posters of subjects which have been exhibited in the St. Moritz Design Gallery in the Serletta Parking Station. These posters are exclusive reproductions which are produced only at the order of the St. Moritz Design Gallery.More information about St. Moritz Posters is available from the Poster Shop at:

published: 06.06.2013
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