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Big Demand for the new OVAVERVA Indoor Pool, Spa, and Sports Centre

The new OVAVERVA Indoor pool, Spa and Sports Centre opened its doors in early July. The verdict in an interim report after the first weeks of operation: based on attendances, the activities offered have been well received by both guests and locals

A beautiful picture: the new OVAVERVA Indoor pool, Spa, and Sports Centre in St. Moritz Bad.

The unstable weather this summer has certainly contributed to the attendances - at least during these first weeks of operation... the numbers have been strong. Attendances have exceeded expectations, and guest feedback has been extremely positive. In recent weeks, an average of 847 people per day visited the OVAVERVA - far exceeding the forecast figures. On peak days, up to 2,000 guests used the facility. "This has allowed the OVAVERVA to commence operations at 100%, and immediately enter positive figures", says Centre Manager Marco Michel, pleased with the favourable reaction of visitors.


Added Value for the Region
All in all, recent weeks have shown that the OVAVERVA provides a high level of leisure and training facilities not only for locals and sports associations, but also for top athletes and guests - especially on cold and rainy days. Marco Michel states that the added benefit for St. Moritz and the whole region was clear in the early days, and the expectations of all parties involved in the project have been met. "We are confident that our offer will also be well received in the busy winter season".


The offers of OVAVERVA are indeed impressive: in addition to the 25metre indoor pool, the Spa, Fitness Centre, and Outdoor Sports Centre, there is also a Fun Tower, diving pool and children's pool. The Outdoor Centre offers both equipment rental and the sale of sportswear. Cross Country skiing in winter, and biking in summer both start from outside the OVAVERVA. And the VIV Bistro, also open to the public, provides a healthy, tasty regional cuisine, and any necessary refreshments.


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published: 17.07.2014
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