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Reading material for Engadine Fans

The Essential Guide St. Moritz and the SNOWTIMES Magazine have published new editions, ensuring that guests are well-informed of what is happening in St. Moritz and the Upper Engadine.

Essential Guide St. Moritz: the Lifestyle booklet for St. Moritz and the Upper Engadine.

Essential Guide
The Essential Guide St. Moritz is the Lifestyle guide for St. Moritz and the Upper Engadine. Presenting interesting information and captivating photographs, the Guide shows the heartbeat of the destination and answers the questions "Where to go" and "Where to stay". The production is high quality, bound in book form, and presented in a modern style. The Essential Guide is published annually (in December). Further information on the Essential Guide is available at


SNOWTIMES – The Magazine for St. Moritz and the Upper Engadine
The SNOWTIMES magazine is now in its sixth year. The 2015 edition contains interviews with, and portraits of people who have a strong affinity with the Engadine, combined with some special and unforgettable experiences. These include, amongst others: Television sports commentator Matthias Hüppi, Musician and band leader Pepe Lienhard, Festival da Jazz Founder, Tenor and Comedian Christian Jott Jenny, alias "Leo Wundergut", "Genussologe" Francesco Illy, the international head ski instructor, Riet R. Campell, and the St. Moritz Press photographer Giancarlo Cattaneo. In addition to these, SNOWTIMES managed to entice Fürst Albert II. of Monaco to agree to an interview. More Information is available at

published: 01.12.2014
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