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Sinéad O’Connor at Voices on Top 2013

The Voices on Top concert festival will be held in 2013 for the fourth time, this year from 10th - 13th October, and, building effortlessly on the high standard of the three previous years, again presents a top class program. This year, artists to travel to the Engadine to perform include Sinéad O’Connor, 77 Bombay Street, Francesco de Gregori, Seven, Caroline Chevin, Toploader, Madame Étoile, Frölein Da Capo, as well as other national and international guests.

Sinéad O’Connorperforms on Friday, 11th October, at the Rondo.

Voices on Top is not limited to just one main concert - every day there are at least three more events.  And in these, emphasis is placed on presenting music of a high quality and character.  The concerts titled "Voices Meet", "Voices Rocks" and "Voices Unplugged" are free and open to all.  Consequently, there are many ways to spend your "Voices on Top" days. Sleep-in late in the morning if you wish, or participate in some sporting activities. Just remember that the first concerts start at 5.30pm, and thereafter, you are literally spoiled for choice.
Let the various concerts attract you, maybe combine them - some quieter with a relaxed ambience, some louder and in a beer-swilling atmosphere.  Some are in a large concert hall with a stage and seating, some in a small bar with rudimentary instruments. The choice is large and varied, a veritable explosion of artistic expression and emotions, close to the audience and creating an incomparable atmosphere. 


Program 2013
"Voices Stars" (Rondo, 20.00 pm):

  • 10th October 2013 – 77 Bombay Street (Support: ZiBBZ)
  • 11th October 2013 – Sinéad O’Connor (Support: Carrousel)
  • 12th October 2013 – Francesco de Gregori (Support: Martina Linn)

"Voices Rock" (Pitschna Scena in Hotel Saratz, 23.30 pm):

  • 10th October 2013 – Django 3000
  • 11th October 2013 – Ben Poole
  • 12th October 2013 – Redwood

"Voices Meet" (Event tent on the Rondo forecourt, 17.30 pm):

  • 10th October 2013 – Curdin Nicolay (17.30 pm), Bündnerflaisch & Padi Bernhard (18.30 pm)
  • 11th October 2013 – Kunz (17.30 pm), Bündnerflaisch & Sandee (18.30 pm)
  • 12th October 2013 – Malenco (17.30 pm), Bündnerflaisch & Anshelle (18.30 pm)

"Voices Brillance" (Music & Dine, Grand Hotel Kronenhof, 7.15pm Dinner, 9.15pm Concert):

  • 11th October 2013 – Toploader
  • 12th October 2013 – Seven

"Voices Lyrics" (Lounge Hotel Müller, 17.00 pm):

  • 11th October 2013 – Reading - Dominic Brülisauer
  • 12th October 2013 – Reading - Monica Kissling alias Madame Étoile

"Voices Unplugged" (Sportbar in the Sporthotel, 21.30 pm):

  • 10th October 2013 - Caroline Chevin
  • 11th October 2013 - Luk von Bergen
  • 12th October 2013 - Madison Violett

"Voices Pure" (Alpbrunch & Performance, Alp Languard, 10.30 am):

  • 13th October 2013 – Frölein Da Capo

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published: 19.06.2013
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