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The Anglo-Swiss University Race celebrates its 90 Year Jubilee in St. Moritz

The Anglo - Swiss University Race is the world’s oldest International ski race for teams. It has been held almost every year since 1925. On 7th February 2015, the 90th Edition of the event will be held on Corviglia, St. Moritz's home mountain, from 10.00am - 1.00pm.

The Anglo-Swiss University Race is the oldest international teams ski race in the world.

What started in 1925 as a spontaneous ski race in Murren between English guests, locals, and members of  Bern’s Academic Alpine Club, has over the years become an entrenched tradition. Since its inception, the best student skiers of the British Universities Ski Club and the Swiss Academic Ski Club, compete annually in teams of 6 skiers. On 7th February 2015, the ski race will celebrate - in its best tradition, again in St. Moritz - its 90th Jubilee.

The initiator and founder of the Anglo-Swiss Universities Challenge Cup is the late English ski legend Sir Arnold Lunn (dec’d 1974). The hotly contested cup is a faithful reproduction of Admiral Nelson’s drinking mug used during the Battle of Trafalgar. At the Meeting’s concluding "Official Dinner" in the Stübli at the Palace Hotel, the Cup is proudly passed from the losing Captain around the table to the winning Captain. In accordance with English tradition, the evening’s festivities cannot begin in earnest, neither speeches nor smoking, before toasts are made "To the Queen", and "To the President of the Swiss Confederation".

English is spoken throughout the event - at least as much as is possible - and when the words fail, then rather abbreviated. And so the former SAS President and winner of the 1st Anglo Swiss, Walter Amstutz , (who died at 95years), intervened when words failed his friend Werner Salvisberg, and briefly and succinctly said: "It's alright!".

In addition to the sporting tradition of this race, a unique atmosphere in social terms has existed since 1935 due to the generous hospitality of the Badrutt family who have hosted the racers and officials each January as their guests in the world famous Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, St. Moritz.

published: 05.01.2015
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