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The golden Engadine Autumn keeps you healthy and happy

When the autumn weather is grey, and the days get shorter, the mood of many people falls as low as their basement. At the same time, in St. Moritz and the Engadine, a door is opening to a colourful picture book world and creating a positive effect on both mind and body - a cure for the autumn blues.

The Engadine autumn – a cure for the autumn blues.

The autumn depresses many people. And experts agree that the main trigger for these feelings of depression in autumn is the lack of light which affects the hormonal balance in humans. There is a cure to overcome the feelings brought on by the murky grey: the golden autumn in the Upper Engadine. British researchers are convinced that the colours of autumn, like those found in the golden autumn in the Engadine, are effective against stress and depression, and function as a "pep-up" and promotes a better mood. Body and soul are brought into balance again.


A particularly impressive picture book setting with unexpected insights into the animal and plant world is on offer in the Schweizer Nationalpark. Equipped with a telescope and binoculars, deer, chamois and ibex can be observed "close up". And with some luck you can hear the roar of the stags, which reverberates through the forests of the park throughout the autumn Mating Season.


In early September the Graubunden hunting season began, and with it the time to eat "game" in the Engadine restaurants. The meals of game in the hunting season have a long tradition, and holiday guests are pampered during the autumn with these special culinary delights.


And by the way: a game dish goes particularly well in the region Engadine-St. Moritz when combined with hiking trips to the dusted mountain peaks. Thanks to the "Bergbahnen inclusive" offer, guests with hotel accommodation for two or more nights use the cable cars and some public transport free of charge during the summer season.


And by the way: There's an autumn holiday to win! Enter the competition on Good luck!

published: 08.09.2012
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