OVAVERVA Pool, Spa & Sports Centre St. Moritz

More than just a pool

St. Moritz originally rose to prominence because of its mineral springs, which have been attracting visitors for around 3,500 years. Today the town’s bathing traditions are proudly continued at the OVAVERVA Pool, Spa & Sports Centre St. Moritz.

It all started with a vision: St. Moritz’s new indoor pool shouldn’t merely have swimming and diving pools and fun areas for kids, but should instead be a sports and leisure centre offering spa treatments, gastronomy, outdoor activities and shops. This dream came to life with the completion of the OVAVERVA Pool, Spa and Sports Centre St. Moritz. Its iconic architecture blends in beautifully with its surroundings, despite its unconventional design, and cleverly incorporates all the necessary modern infrastructure.

In addition to the 25-metre indoor pool, spa, fitness centre and outdoor sports centre, there are also diving pools, a fun tower and children’s pools for the kids. In the outdoor sports centre you can rent equipment and purchase sports clothing. And the public ViV Bistro serves a selection of healthy, regional and delicious food to keep you going strong.

By the way: the hotels in and around St. Moritz also offer public spa facilities. We’ve put together a list of some of the best:

OVAVERVA Pool, Spa & Sports Centre St. Moritz
St. Moritz’s latest landmark: the impressive OVAVERVA Pool, Spa & Sports Centre St. Moritz.
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