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Yoga at the MTZ Heilbad

Tue, 18.12.2018, 19:15 - 20:45 h
MTZ Heilbad, 2. Stock, St.Moritz
Take time for yourself - in a river of movement and breathing, the mind focuses on the moment being and perceiving inner affection and deep Relaxation.

Thoughtful body movements lead to well-being and health. Conscious breathing purifies and balances the energy system. Together, these let the mind focus on a moment in which it can on the one hand relax, and yet at the same time can deliver a positive outlook. As the mind unravels, the heart can open and evolve.

Price: CHF 27.00 per class
10 visit subscription - CHF 250.00

from CHF 27.00
Organizer & Information
CH-7502 Bever
+41 79 272 11 76
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