Engadine Museum returns to the scene

At the end of November, 2016, the Engadine Museum in St. Moritz re-opened after almost 2 years of renovation and remodeling. The Museum not only shines in a new splendor, but the new exhibition concept is attracting more visitors.

Built in 1906 by the architect Nikolaus Hartmann jun., the Museum with its 21 rooms houses a unique collection of interiors of up to 500 years old. This rich and abundant collection was assembled by the Museum founder Riet Campell, and is unique in Switzerland. In addition to the faithfully reconstructed parlors, new collections containing selected artifacts are exhibited, and a room dedicated to the Romansch language is also presented. An E-Guide is available in several languages to guide visitors through the exhibits.

Following the renovation, the Museum is now spacious and flooded with light, attributes very well received by the numerous visitors in the first month of operation since re-opening. Using the approximately six million francs approved by the Upper Engadine voters in 2011 for the renovation and remodeling of the Museum, the old stone walls along the street were rebuilt, the exterior facade renovated, the roof replaced, new sanitary facilities were constructed and an upgrading of the heating was installed. Conclusion: The Engadine Museum has become a jewel of the St. Moritz cultural offer.