Ski World Championships 2017: St. Moritz is ready

It will be a Festival of superlatives. For the fifth time, from the 6th - 19th February 2017, the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships will be held in St. Motitz – this honour has never been given to any other resort so often.

The Ski World Championships have sparked a wave of enthusiasm throughout the region. And not only here: 1,400 Voluntaris (volunteers) will give the event a wonderful «face» with their friendliness and warmth. The Ski World Championships connects the international ski family once again in a wonderful way, as everyone wants to be there, and to help. Help when the downhill racers «fall» down the already legendary «free fall» to a speed of 140 km/hr within 6 seconds; help when the ladies are catapulted onto the course from the newly constructed «Brittania» Start; help as provided to the course technicians as they present their art with the construction of the many crossings in the course.

In addition to Salastrains, where all races will end at the same destination, and the St. Moritz pedestrian zone, a third centre during the World Championships will be at Kulm Park. Here, in the early evening, everyone will come together as one to celebrate presentation of the Medals, and the live concerts which will follow. This park has a great tradition... the first electric light in Switzerland shone in the adjoining Kulm Hotel in the 19th Century, and the Winter games of 1928 and 1948 are commemorated by the Olympic Stone. The pavilion, which dates from 1905, has been completely restored for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2017, and has become an unequaled jewel – directly opposite the gigantic skier «Edy», who will watch over all activities.

St. Moritz is ready, as are the Swiss athletes for whom this is a home World Championships, the advance ticket sales are going well, and the weather is reliable in the sun-drenched Engadine – nothing stands in the way of this Festival of Superlatives. All information concerning the Ski World Championships, tickets, the races and accompanying program, or the event locations can be found at The Ski World Championship organization has also summarized the most frequently asked questions at:

Notwithstanding the Ski World Championships, the entire Corviglia ski area, excepting the World Championship course, will be open for skiing. Three tunnels under the course will enable transit through that area. And of course all the other options in St. Moritz will be available, including a large network of cross-country ski trails, winter hiking trails, curling fields, the Ludains ice arena, and the OvaVerva indoor swimming pool. The Olympic Bob Run and Cresta Run will be operating, and all other traditional St. Moritz events, such as the White Turf Horse Races on the frozen St. Moritz lake will be held as normal.