St. Moritz ‒ Alpine Metropolis

This summer St. Moritz Design Gallery, located along the pedestrian passage in Serletta car park, presents some of 130 architectural thesis projects focusing on St. Moritz. The 25 selected projects, both tangible and Utopian, submitted by upcoming young architects show the urban development potential for St. Moritz as an Alpine metropolis.

These «St. Moritz – Alpine Metropolis» projects were developed by Academy of Architecture students at the Swiss Italian University in Mendrisio under the distinguished Swiss architect Valentin Bearth. The «Lake View» project by Maria Urbajte is concerned for example with how the local people live, many of whom well away from central St. Moritz and its luxury. Identity-forming new buildings would help those people to make their home here again.

Davide Contran's project «Opera Festival» seems more Utopian: A large basin-like structure anchored to the lakebed forms an arena whose stage is easily visible from the major St. Moritz hotels. The idea thereby is to create a stronger link between central St. Moritz and the lake area as a public space.

«TRAMoritz» by Enrica Pastore takes up an old theme again: rail transport in the Upper Engadine. Her project, based on Switzerland's typically close relationship between landscape and infrastructure, proposes a new tramline linking all the attractions between St. Moritz and Maloja.

Other diploma student projects include a fish farm, museums, parking lots, or architectural ways of coming to terms with Nature. This exhibition in St. Moritz Design Gallery closes on December 8, 2017. Visit our Art galleries page to view the flyer (as soon as available) and previous exhibitions.