«St. Moritz makes (Non)Sense»

«St. Moritz makes non sense» by artist C. W. Mann lets summer breezes waft over her installations at special places in St. Moritz and surroundings. The arrangement of over forty flags on the St. Moritz peaks and rooftops is on view from July 7 until September 7, 2017. It links 25 locations into a linguistic art parcours and invites us to take a new look at this Alpine metropolis in the Upper Engadine.

«Besatzungen» is what C. W. Mann calls her word paintings: phrases in flowing white handwriting on square monochrome canvas. Through linguistic stringency and unusual rhythmization, this Berlin artist paints metaphors that sum up the essence of stories. Her playful comments debunk everyday situations in subtly comical poetic form.

By using flags as imaging for this temporary public installation of her «Besatzungen» – as a kind of «Invasion» – C. W. Mann turns an information medium and (national) heritage symbol into artistic material. «St. Moritz makes non sense» brings C. W. Mann back to her Swiss roots. «We are delighted that C. W. Mann is returning to the Engadine with fresh summer breezes in St. Moritz», says Rolf Sachs, St. Moritz patron of the installation. «The nonSensical meaning of Life – how poetic!»

This «Invasion» in the Upper Engadine is the first of its kind and size. It arose in close teamwork with the regional cultural promoters and selected local partners. The installation includes existing flagpoles in public places like at the Segantini Museum or on St. Moritz lakeside.