St. Moritz provides free WiFi for guests

Visitors to St. Moritz can now benefit from free WiFi. In a first phase, coverage is provided in the village core zones of St. Moritz Dorf and St. Moritz Bad.

The free, public internet access through the network «Free Wi-Fi Engadin» is available in two core areas of St. Moritz. In St. Moritz Dorf – between the roundabout at Hotel Hauser and the end of the pedestrian zone at Foto Optik Rutz, as well as the Schulhausplatz; and in St. Moritz Bad – the entire Plazza Rosatsch as far as the Minigolf, the Marathon Village, and the bus stop of Engadin Bus at the Kempinski Hotel. Anyone who logs on to the network will remain connected for 14 days.