White Marmot and Edy's – two new restaurants on the Corviglia

Two new restaurants will open on St. Moritz's home mountain in December 2017. «White Marmot» takes up the culinary legacy of restaurant pioneer Hartly Mathis. «Edy's» sets a new accent in the former self-service restaurant at the mountain station – as a stylish free-flow restaurant & bar.

It is more than fifty years ago since restaurant pioneer Hartly Mathis first linked snow sports on the Corviglia with top-flight gastronomy and lifestyle. Now Engadine St. Moritz Mountains has taken up this culinary legacy with the White Marmot Restaurant & Bar concept. White Marmot chef Marco Moroni will be updating the tradition with fresh impulses. The restaurant interior immerses guests in a stylish combination of warm hues. Although separated, the bar, lounge and dining areas still form a greater whole. The culinary offering remains of course upscale, but will nevertheless appeal to guests of all kinds and categories. The White Marmot opens its doors on December 16, 2017.

A new self-service restaurant as well

The former self-service restaurant upstairs at Corviglia mountain station will also be taking on a new life as Edy's Restaurant. This stylish free-flow restaurant & bar is named after the world-famous Swiss ski champions Edy Reinalter and Edy Rominger. The Food Market has sophisticatedly transposed their sporting legacy in a modern manner. Edy's opens on December 2, 2017.