The St. Moritz bucket list

30 things to do before you leave

We've put together a list of 30 activities that are not to be missed during your time in St. Moritz. And if you don't have time to do everything, you'll simply have to come back again!

1. High tea in the lobby at Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Experience the grandeur of this historic hotel from the comfort of a sumptuous armchair. Badrutt's Palace Hotel is the most famous hotel in the Alps and an icon of St. Moritz's luxurious five-star accommodation.

2. Go rowing on Lake St. Moritz

Once you've seen early morning rowers in action on Lake St. Moritz, you can't help but instantly fall in love with this age-old watersport. The rhythmical movements and elegance of the boats is perfectly complimented by the stunning natural backdrop. Watch the first rays of sunshine dance on the water's surface while most people are still having breakfast. An experience not to be missed

Rowing on Lake St. Moritz
Rowing on Lake St. Moritz

3. Visit the Kulm Country Club 

There is probably no better place in St. Moritz to return to the Roaring Twenties than this. When you walk into the newly renovated «Kulm Country Club», you might feel like you stepped right into the movie "The Great Gatsby". The historic Kulm Pavilion, built in 1905, is considered a memento of the 1928 and 1948 Olympic Games and presents itself as a synthesis of Art Deco and local style.

4. Go ice skating on black ice

In late autumn, when the first small lakes have frozen over but it hasn't yet snowed, there's a unique opportunity to go ice skating on black ice. However, a bit of caution is advisable: the lakes are not officially approved for skating, so you should consult the locals first about the thickness of the ice.

5. Ride the Cresta Run

Only men allowed – this sport is exclusively available to men. You have to register in advance at the Cresta Run office and beginners are also required to complete a training course.

The Cresta Run
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6. Visit the Segantini Museum

The monumental Alpine triptych "Life, Nature and Death" in the dome of the Segantini Museum is definitely worth a visit. Giovanni Segantini (1858–1899) is considered an important artist in the realm of realistic symbolism who breathed new life into Alpine painting in the late 19th century.

Segantini Museum St. Moritz
Segantini Museum St. Moritz

7. Savour a slice of Engadin walnut tart 

The Engadin walnut tart is the ultimate guilty pleasure. Generations of local confectioners have continued to refine this speciality filled with cream, caramel and chunky walnuts. The result is today's renowned Engadin "tuorta da nusch engiadinaisa" – and a baking tradition that international visitors have carried back to all corners of the globe. It is available from various patisseries, such as Conditorei Hanselmann and Confiserie Hauser. While you're there you can even read the New York Times as well as other quality newspapers.

8. Take an early morning swim in Lake Staz

Engadin is blessed with sunny skies almost all year round, so that even the mountain lakes heat up to over 20 degrees in summer. "Lej da Staz" or Lake Staz is one of Engadin's best lakes for swimming. Invigorate your body and soul with an early morning dip. You won't regret it.

9. Travel to Italy on the Bernina Express

A spectacular journey on the Bernina Express takes you across the Bernina pass (2,253 metres a.s.l.), through the romantic wilderness of Alpine valleys, past glaciers and mountain peaks, through Puschlav and all the way to Tirano in Italy. Unsurprisingly, the Rhätischen Railway's Bernina route was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008.

Bernina Express and Lago Bianco
Bernina Express and Lago Bianco

10. Soak up the sunset from the summit of Muottas Muragl

Muottas Muragl boasts the best view over the Oberengadin lakes. In fact, it's one of the most impressive panoramas in all of Switzerland. To get there, climb aboard the enchanting, vintage Muottas Muragl funicular railway.

11. Go dancing at Dracula Club

Gunter Sachs opened the world famous Dracula Club in the 1970s. In his heyday, Sachs was one of the European jet set's most colourful characters. Then as now, the doors of this private club only open for members and their friends – and in summer for those attending the Festival da Jazz. So if you don't have friends in high places, make sure you buy tickets to the Festival da Jazz!

12. Hit the shops

Via Serlas is St. Moritz's answer to Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Just on a much smaller scale. From Chanel and Gucci to Louis Vuitton, all of fashion's top international names can be found along this stylish shopping boulevard. You'll also find more major labels and boutiques in the village centre.

Shopping on Via Serlas
Shopping on Via Serlas

13. Go skiing – at night!

Corvatsch Snow Night: in winter you can go skiing every Friday night until 2.00 a.m. on Switzerland's longest illuminated ski run (4.2 km). Once their boots are off, skiers put on their party shoes and head to the dance floor at the legendary Hossa Bar.

14. Enjoy a drop of whisky

Hotel Waldhaus am See boasts the world's most extensive whisky bar. Called Devil's Place, this in-house bar stocks 2,500 types of whisky. The impressive collection has made it into the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records on numerous occasions.

15. Take a taxi ride – in a bobsleigh

The St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic bob run is the only natural ice bobsleigh track in the world. Bobsleigh taxi rides are offered daily following training sessions and/or races. The 1,722-metre-long track only takes around 75 seconds to complete, at "horseshoe" corner you'll experience a g-force of up to 4.5 G and before the Martineau corner you'll reach a top speeds as high as 135 km/h.

Horseshoe corner on the St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic bob run
Horseshoe corner on the St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic bob run

16. Walk to the eternal ice

The Bernina region between Pontresina and Cavaglia has always impressed visitors with its breathtaking beauty. Everything revolves around eternal ice, which is on full display from the Diavolezza mountain railway station on the Bernina massif. The Morteratsch glacier is easily accessible via a themed trail while the glacial mills at Cavaglia are also definitely worth a visit.

17. Ride down the Corviglia flow trail 

Over the past few years, St. Moritz's local mountain Corviglia has become a veritable mountain bike paradise. This transformation owes much to its new flow trails and "mountain bike rollercoaster" with banked curves, corrugations and jumps. The Corviglia flow trail is the most famous and is also suitable for less experienced riders. But be warned: you might get distracted by the breathtaking panoramic views!

18. Explore the local architecture 

The St. Moritz skyline is diverse, contradictory, unusual – and often underrated. Its architectural highlights include Norman Foster's Chesa Futura, the leaning tower and the stadium that was used during the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympic Games.

Chesa Futura
Chesa Futura

19. Sing at the Stübli

The "Stübli Bar" in Hotel Schweizerhof is small, smoky and something of a legend. During peak season live guitarists really heat things up. Join in and sing along!

20. Walk across frozen Lake St. Moritz

And witness the White Turf Horse Races (February) or the Snow Polo World Cup (January). Polo not your cup of tea? Take a look at this video – it might well change your mind.

Second to none
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21. Eat at La Baracca

Polenta instead of sushi, chaos instead of class, scaffolding instead of plush surrounds, improvisation instead of perfection. Add to this a touch of street culture and delicious dishes prepared by an ever-changing array of guest chefs. The miners' cabin at the gondola car park has already achieved cult status (only open in winter).

22. Drive over an Alpine pass in a classic car

The serpentine roads of an Alpine pass are perfect for a delightful day trip to the clouds. There are six such routes heading into Oberengadin: the Albula, Bernina, Flüela, Maloja, Julier and Ofen passes. Drive with style over one of these passes behind the wheel of a vintage car – then drive down them all. Or take part in the British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz.

Driving over an Alpine pass in a classic car
Driving over an Alpine pass in a classic car

23. Try your luck at the St. Moritz Casino

American roulette, black jack, ultimate Texas hold'em poker, slot machines. Lay down your cards with smooth James Bond-style at the St. Moritz Casino.

24. Sip champagne at Alpina Hütte

Alpina Hütte in the Corviglia skiing area is the place to go for an authentic Alpine tavern experience. The leitmotif at this extensive outdoor terrace and bar: see and be seen. And if you're here in spring, be sure to take part in the waterslide contest.

25. Take a day trip

It's gorgeous down in the valley. But you should also take advantage of the numerous nearby day trip destinations: visit Bergell during chestnut season, head to Chiavenna for a gelato, to Poschiavo for the pizzoccheri or to the Swiss National Park in Zernez.

26. Send a postcard

Yes, that's right. Not an SMS, WhatsApp message or Facebook post. Send your greetings the old-fashioned way. At many bookstores in St. Moritz you'll find classic St. Moritz motifs.

27. Roll through Parkhaus Serletta

An annual programme of exhibitions are displayed all the way along the escalator at the St. Moritz Design Gallery. The result? An art gallery that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wowing visitors with all manner of striking artwork.

St. Moritz Design Gallery at Parkhaus Serletta
St. Moritz Design Gallery at Parkhaus Serletta

28. Take part in the Engadin Skimarathon

The "Engadiner" is the largest cross-country skiing event in Switzerland, attracting around 13,000 participants annually. A calendar highlight for social skiers, curious tourists and pros alike.

29. Indulge in a little luxury

The best places to be pampered? The new OVAVERVA Pool, Spa & Sports Centre St. Moritz, or in the public spas at the Kempinski Grand Hotel des BainsBadrutt's Palace Hotel or at Kulm Hotel St. Moritz.

30. Just sit back and do nothing!

Don't forget: You're here to enjoy yourself. So take it easy and do nothing for a change. Not even any of the items on this list. Savour the creature comforts of your hotel room or holiday rental, treat yourself to breakfast in bed, gaze out the window and simply enjoy the fact that you're here.