Swiss National Park

The call of the wild

Unbelievable but true: in the eastern tip of Switzerland, it’s the plants and animals who call the shots. It’s as if time has stood still in this pristine wildness, far away from civilisation.

"There is no greater pleasure that looking out at a never-ending horizon," according to cult figure for the alternative lifestyle Chris McCandless, who headed into the Alaskan wilderness to find himself. Tragically, he paid for his dream of freedom with his life. Following his death, McCandless became famous worldwide; his moving story inspired many people to discover the beauty of the great outdoors for themselves.

Things get wild just 30 minutes from St. Moritz

You don’t need to fly to Alaska to experience pristine wilderness. In St. Moritz, untouched nature is practically on your doorstep. Just a 30-minute drive away, to be precise. The Swiss National Park in Zernez is a nature reserve, which means it is completely protected against human influences and intervention. All the plant and animal species here are left alone to develop naturally. This unspoilt reserve covers an impressive 170 square kilometres.

Over 100 years old

The park has enjoyed protected status since 1914. Here, you can observe and marvel at several thousand different species of plants and animals – from dandelions and mountain pines, to bearded vultures and marmots. In 2005 there was even a brown bear sighting. If you would like to explore the region on a guided tour, simply register at the national park visitor centre in Zernez. The tour guides not only know their way around, but also have plenty of stories to tell about the Alpine flora and fauna.

Swiss National Park
This area was declared a Swiss National Park in 1914. It’s home to several thousand species of plants and animals.