Other activities & excursions in Engadin St. Moritz

From A to Z

Bernina glaciers

The Bernina region between Morteratsch and Cavaglia has always impressed visitors with its breathtaking beauty. Everything revolves around eternal ice, which is on full display from the Diavolezza mountain railway station on the Bernina massif. The Morteratsch glacier is easily accessible via a themed trail and the glacial mills at Cavaglia are also definitely worth a visit. The two summits can be easily reached on the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage-listed Bernina line of the Rhätischen Railway.



Canyoning refers to travelling along a waterway from top to bottom through a canyon or gorge. You wade, swim, abseil, jump into the water and slide – as if you were on a water slide – while making plenty of stops to marvel at the towering canyon walls and crystal clear water. Qualified mountain guides who have undertaken specialised canyoning training look forward to introducing you to this unique sport. Tours are held from June until October.


Ice skating & ice hockey

Eisarena Ludains in St. Moritz Bad is an artificially refrigerated ice skating rink where visitors can play ice hockey and skate in the open air from mid-July until mid-April.

Tandem paragliding

As the professional paragliding guide calmly prepares everything for the flight, your adrenaline will already be pumping. Then before you know it, you’ll be floating high above the Engadin lake district. Prerequisites for a tandem flight include a normal physical constitution and a body weight of between 30 and 110 kg. Depending on the weather and time of year, you can start your flight from Muottas Muragl, Alp Languard, Diavolezza, Corvatsch or a starting point in one of the neighbouring valleys.

Scenic helicopter flights

Climb to new heights and witness Engadin’s beauty from a bird’s eye perspective. Around the Bernina massif, right up next to the Biancograt, over the mighty glaciers, all along the lake district, close to the contours of Bergeller granite and then safely back down to earth. See all that and more on a scenic helicopter flight. You can even choose your own route.


Inline skating

Engadin St. Moritz has some great locations for inline skating, such as the tracks at Engadin Airport and between La Punt and S-chanf (8.6 km). Both are easy and suitable for speed skaters, recreational skaters and families alike.

Horse-drawn carriage rides

A horse-drawn carriage ride to Stazerwald forest, Val Roseg or Val Fex isn’t just for romantics. Snuggle down amongst the blankets and furs and listen to the steady beat of the horse’s hoofs as you watch the landscape roll past. The pick-up point is at St. Moritz Bad near the lake, next to the Catholic church. Or you can order a carriage directly:

  • Giovanoli: tel. +41 79 621 66 89 
  • Lampert: tel.  +41 81 833 32 35 
  • Arturo: tel. +41 79 412 39 28 
  • Motti: tel. +41 81 833 37 68

Mini golf & boccia

The mini golf course in St. Moritz Bad is open daily in summer. There are also two boccia courts alongside it. For more information about prices and opening hours please call +41 81 833 44 56 or +41 79 611 00 62.

Horse riding

Whether you’re an equine aficionado with or without your own horse, an amateur rider, or simply want to see the valley on horseback – St. Moritz has everything you need, including numerous stables and a wide variety of idyllic riding trails. There are single and multi-day rides through the Engadin wilderness, riding lessons and even accommodation options for your horse.


Take to the skies as a passenger aboard a glider and sail soundlessly through the Engadin Alps. Make an appointment to join a local pilot for a ride in a state-of-the-art glider. Flights leave daily from 1:00 pm onwards, depending on the weather. One passenger is permitted per glider. The exact starting time and flight duration are dependent on the upwind.


Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport that demands great concentration, precision and skill. The clay pigeon shooting facility is located in an idyllic forest clearing just outside St. Moritz, near the Olympic ski jump. The Wurftauben Club St. Moritz shooting school is open from June until August. PLEASE NOTE: The facility will be closed in 2015 due to construction work on the new ski jump.