Swimming lakes in Engadin St. Moritz

Classic St. Moritz swimming spots

The Upper Engadin lake district is truly unique. A series of lakes are dotted throughout its wide valley basin, several of which are just perfect for swimming.

Engadin is blessed with sunny skies almost all year round, so that even the mountain lakes heat up to over 20 degrees in summer. If that still sounds a bit too chilly for you, rest assured there are plenty of places to simply lie on the grass, read a good book or grill a sausage at St. Moritz’s three classic swimming lakes Lej da Staz, Lej Nair and Lej Marsch.

Lej da Staz 

Lej da Staz is nestled between St. Moritz, Celerina and Pontresina, in a wide open clearing in the vast Staz forest. It is characterised by the mineral-rich peatlands along two of its shores, dense reeds and swimming islands of buckbean.

Lej Marsch

One of the region’s most popular lakes for swimming. The lake’s sunny location at the forest’s edge near St. Moritz is protected from the wind and it boasts a small beach on its northern banks, as well as pleasant picnic areas. On hot summer days it attracts droves of sun worshippers and swimmers alike. Lej Marsch can also be easily reached by car. Tip: On weekends, the car parks near the Olympic ski jump fill up quickly.

Lej Nair

Situated just above Lej Marsch is Lej Nair, whose glassy surface reflects the majestic Piz Corvatsch mountain. If you linger awhile, you’re sure to see fish doing some aerial acrobatics. Lej Nair can only be reached by pedestrian-only paths, so there are generally fewer people here than at Lake Stazer or Lej Marsch.